How to transform your closet into an office

Almost every home has a storage space that is often neglected for some reasons. On the flip side, there are also humble abodes that barely have enough space to pop in an entire home office.

The real challenge when you have a small space is to keep it efficient while achieving great aesthetics. But, gladly, there’s an option that can turn any unused storage space into something really purposeful.

More and more homes today engage in space-savvy interior designs – such as  customized closet offices  – primarily because they are highly functional and cost-efficient too.

This time, we’ll delve through your closet and transform that space into a small office! Here are five easy and smart tips on how to transform your closet into an office.

  1. Find the sweet spot for your office.

First thing is to find the best location – and the best storage area – for your small office. Considering you already picked a perfect closet to turn into a workspace, the next step is to measure the area to ensure that it would accommodate all your office items like printers, small file cabinets, and beyond all, the insert chair.

  1. Clean out your closet.

Decluttering is the key to maximize any space. Before you commence the creation of your closet workspace, ready three bin bags – SELL, TRASH, DONATE – for better organization. Let go of your junk, trapped items, and ignored clothes that are just collecting dust and cobwebs. Put them to good use. Positively, you can use the money from your sold items for your closet office makeover.

  1. Figure out the desired design elements for your office.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the best design that you want for a home office. Taking into account that you only have a very limited space, a practical and custom blueprint is highly necessary.

Custom designers will optimize your space and sketch a design based on your needs especially if you barely have the time to be spoke it by yourself. It would be really a fuss if something goes wrong while you put your hands on it, so it’s better to ask for a professional help to save you more time, money, and energy.

  1. Plan for extra shelves, drawers, and surfaces.

Previously, your closet accommodated hanging clothes. Now you need that space to store your books and other office supplies, so extra shelves would come in really handy.

Although the transformation is intended for an office space, you can still maximize the closet and put in your scarves, trinkets, hats or caps, or your craft materials with the help of several closet accessories such as over-the-door or wall hooks, racks, and purse organizers. You can hang them behind the closet door.

  1. Choose a bright color paint to brighten your new office.

Bright or neutral colors not only work well with wooden materials, but they also create an airy feeling – breathing up the space. Dark colors add weight to any design, but for smaller areas, it tightens up the space.

However, you should not limit your options to the white palette. You may choose to sprinkle some vibrant colors too in your closet office to add more personality to it. Illuminating your space is not just all about the paint, but lighting too – desk lamp or overhead fixtures to name a few.

Enjoy the luxury of turning a small storage space into an awe-inspiring workspace. For space conversions and Custom Closets in South Florida call us toll-free at 1-800-273-4546!

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