Easy Laundry Room Storage

Laundry rooms have a funny way of always being filled to the brim with dirty clothes, damp towels, and linens all without any organization or rhyme or reason.

Throw some fabric softener, detergent bottles, and hangers in there and you have yourself what looks suspiciously like a tornado and a hurricane hit your laundry room at the same time.

But fear not! There are ways to get this pesky room organized and keep the sock monsters at bay.

To improve your ability to locate items in your customized laundry room and eliminate the stress of laundry day follow these simple steps for realistic laundry room storage solutions.

Install Laundry Cabinets

No matter how small your laundry room is there is always space for some good cabinetry. These nifty and easy to incorporate items have the amazing ability to hide detergent, fabric softener and all sorts of household cleaners.

Everything will be exactly where you expect it to be which means you won’t be spending ages looking for what you need.

Utilize Vertical Space

Most laundry rooms are not behemoths with lots of space to begin with which not only contributes to disorganization, but also prevents you from expanding horizontally.

Instead, try utilizing the vertical space in your laundry room with organizational solutions such as built in and recessed floor to ceiling shelving that can give you tons of additional storage space.

Clean Out the Clutter

Instead of collecting all of the dirty laundry in your laundry room to try giving a hamper to each member of your family to keep in his or her room. This will keep the dirty clothes and other items from piling up in your laundry room.

Come laundry day you will welcome the organized dirty laundry into the space and actually be able to finish this chore much faster!

Enjoy your laundry room again by letting us create some custom storage solutions just for you. For storage solutions and Custom Closets in South Florida call us toll-free at 1-800-273-4546!

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