Custom Wall UnitWhen you need extra storage in your house or wish you had a display area to give your room an extra oomph, you should consider custom wall units. They not only look great but help you keep things organized and structured in your home.

These are many ways on how to use custom wall units:

  • Consider adding a custom wall unit in your master bedroom to provide additional hanging and drawer space.
  •  If your ironing board is always on your way while getting dressed and is making your room or closet look like a mess, the best solution is to have a wall unit where you can hide it. It will make your room look tidy and you will have your iron board handy for whenever you need it.
  • Think about the toys in the kid’s room, there are no enough baskets that can keep those toys away. By having a wall unit with enough drawers you will have enough space to store everything neatly.
  • Your china and linens deserve to be well treated. China needs a place to be displayed with the right lightening, and your linens need a place where they can be store appropriately to avoid those stubborn wrinkles.
  • Having your own bar at home is just as simple as to build an alcove and add a sink and an wine fridge.
  • You can also create your music room using your spare bedroom by adding a custom wall unit to display all your instruments, as well as adding all your music equipment and gadgets.
  • Custom wall units or entertainment centers can be easily installed in an alcove or on a flat wall.


There are so many options that will help with your organization at home just by quickly adding custom wall units. Here at The Closet Dr. we will help you design them to make the most of your space while keeping things within your budget.